like a chef at home. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in the kitchen or composing elaborate menus on a daily basis. Cooking like a chef means having the confidence and knowledge to produce something that you and others can truly enjoy. It means understanding the basic principles of what makes food taste great and knowing the correct techniques to apply to any particular ingredient in order to make it shine.

How it Works
Cook Learn Love was born of my desire to help others to cook so that they in turn can provide pleasure to those around them. Whether you be a complete novice or an experienced home cook, I will guide you towards your particular culinary goals with patience and professionalism.


“I would like to thank Helen Pratt for an amazing Cook, Learn, Love masterclass! Anyone looking to learn how to cook some amazing dishes should contact Helen”

Candice, September 2010

Cook Learn Love has moved to Brisbane.
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How it Works

After an obligation free consultation, I will put together a bespoke, hands-on tutorial or set of tutorials designed specifically to suit your needs. Private cooking classes for adults and children are conducted in my beautiful kitchen in Perth’s Northern Suburbs, they are completely hands-on and stress free. All recipes will be provided beforehand and all equipment is provided. You bring the weighed out ingredients to class and we get cracking! This method means that we can cover a LOT more ground in the time that you are paying for and I can concentrate on improving your technique and confidence.

French Food
Having a background in French fine dining restaurants, my teachings are generally based on the principles of French Cuisine.